Linen, 20x108", shantung apple green (photo)← enter quantity $10.50
Linen, 20x108", shantung blush (photo)10.50
Linen, 20x108", shantung cobalt (photo)10.50
Linen, 20x108", shantung cream (photo)10.50
Linen, 20x108", shantung goldenrod (photo)10.50
Linen, 20x108", shantung red (photo)10.50
Linen, 20x108", shantung sage (photo)10.50
Linen, 20x108", shantung turquoise (photo)10.50
Linen, 20x108", shantung wedgwood10.00
Linen, 20x108", shantung white (photo)10.50
Linen, 24x108", shantung black (photo)10.50
Linen, 24x108", shantung navy (photo)10.50
Linen, 24x108", shantung silver (photo)10.50
Linen, 24x108", shantung wedgwood (photo)10.50
Linen, 54x54", shantung black (photo)12.50
Linen, 54x54", shantung navy (photo)12.50
Linen, 54x54", shantung pintuck China red11.50
Linen, 54x54", shantung pintuck silver11.50
Linen, 54x54", shantung silver (photo)12.50
Linen, 54x54", shantung white (photo)12.50
Linen, 72x72", shantung pintuck soft sage13.00
Linen, 72x72", shantung silver17.00
Linen, 72x72", shantung turquoise17.00
Linen, 72x72", shantung wedgwood17.00
Linen, 72x72", shantung white (info)17.00
Linen, 72x72", shantung yellow17.00
Linen, 81x81", shantung pintuck silver23.00
Linen, 84x84", shantung wedgwood (photo)25.00
Linen, 90" round, shantung ivory17.00
Linen, 90" round, shantung pintuck silver17.00
Linen, 90x90", shantung black (photo)24.05
Linen, 90x90", shantung blush (photo)24.05
Linen, 90x90", shantung cobalt (photo)24.05
Linen, 90x90", shantung green mist (photo)24.05
Linen, 90x90", shantung silver (photo)24.05
Linen, 90x90", shantung white (photo)24.05
Linen, 90x132", shantung apple green (photo)26.00
Linen, 90x132", shantung black (photo)26.00
Linen, 90x132", shantung blush (photo)26.00
Linen, 90x132", shantung champagne (photo)26.00
Linen, 90x132", shantung cobalt (photo)26.00
Linen, 90x132", shantung cream (photo)26.00
Linen, 90x132", shantung goldenrod (photo)26.00
Linen, 90x132", shantung green mist (photo)26.00
Linen, 90x132", shantung ivory23.50
Linen, 90x132", shantung lavender23.50
Linen, 90x132", shantung navy (photo)26.00
Linen, 90x132", shantung silver (photo)26.00
Linen, 90x132", shantung turquoise (photo)26.00
Linen, 90x132", shantung wedgwood (photo)26.00
Linen, 90x132", shantung white (photo)26.00
Linen, 90x156", shantung apple green (photo)28.00
Linen, 90x156", shantung black (photo)28.00
Linen, 90x156", shantung blush (photo)28.00
Linen, 90x156", shantung champagne (photo)28.00
Linen, 90x156", shantung cobalt (photo)28.00
Linen, 90x156", shantung cream (photo)28.00
Linen, 90x156", shantung goldenrod (photo)28.00
Linen, 90x156", shantung green mist (photo)28.00
Linen, 90x156", shantung ivory26.10
Linen, 90x156", shantung lavender26.10
Linen, 90x156", shantung navy (photo)28.00
Linen, 90x156", shantung pintuck silver26.10
Linen, 90x156", shantung silver (photo)28.00
Linen, 90x156", shantung turquoise (photo)28.00
Linen, 90x156", shantung wedgwood (photo)28.00
Linen, 90x156", shantung white (photo)28.00
Linen, 90x156", shantung yellow26.10
Linen, 96" round, shantung black (photo)25.00
Linen, 96" round, shantung blush (photo)25.00
Linen, 96" round, shantung cobalt (photo)25.00
Linen, 96" round, shantung cream (photo)25.00
Linen, 96" round, shantung goldenrod (photo)25.00
Linen, 96" round, shantung green mist (photo)25.00
Linen, 96" round, shantung navy (photo)25.00
Linen, 96" round, shantung orange (photo)25.00
Linen, 96" round, shantung silver (photo)25.00
Linen, 96" round, shantung turquoise (photo)25.00
Linen, 96" round, shantung wedgwood (photo)25.00
Linen, 96" round, shantung white (photo)25.00
Linen, 108" round, shantung ivory23.00
Linen, 108" round, shantung pintuck silver23.00
Linen, 120" round, shantung apple green (photo)31.00
Linen, 120" round, shantung black (photo)31.00
Linen, 120" round, shantung blush (photo)31.00
Linen, 120" round, shantung champagne (photo)31.00
Linen, 120" round, shantung cobalt (photo)31.00
Linen, 120" round, shantung cream (photo)31.00
Linen, 120" round, shantung gold (photo)31.00
Linen, 120" round, shantung green mist (photo)31.00
Linen, 120" round, shantung ivory28.75
Linen, 120" round, shantung lavender28.75
Linen, 120" round, shantung navy (photo)31.00
Linen, 120" round, shantung orange (photo)31.00
Linen, 120" round, shantung raspberry (photo)31.00
Linen, 120" round, shantung silver (photo)31.00
Linen, 120" round, shantung Tiffany28.75
Linen, 120" round, shantung turquoise (photo)31.00
Linen, 120" round, shantung wedgwood (photo)31.00
Linen, 120" round, shantung white (photo)31.00
Linen, 12x120", shantung apple green7.50
Linen, 12x120", shantung candy pink7.50
Linen, 12x120", shantung China red7.50
Linen, 12x120", shantung chocolate7.50
Linen, 12x120", shantung gold7.50
Linen, 12x120", shantung hunter green7.50
Linen, 12x120", shantung ironwood7.50
Linen, 12x120", shantung lavender7.50
Linen, 12x120", shantung purple7.50
Linen, 12x120", shantung swirl bamboo7.50
Linen, 12x120", shantung swirl soft sage7.50
Linen, 12x120", shantung Tiffany7.50
Linen, 12x120", shantung turquoise7.50
Linen, 12x120", shantung white7.50
Linen, 12x120", shantung yellow7.50
Linen, 132" round, shantung apple green (photo)37.00
Linen, 132" round, shantung black (photo)37.00
Linen, 132" round, shantung blush (photo)37.00
Linen, 132" round, shantung champagne (photo)37.00
Linen, 132" round, shantung cobalt (photo)37.00
Linen, 132" round, shantung cream (photo)37.00
Linen, 132" round, shantung goldenrod (photo)37.00
Linen, 132" round, shantung green mist (photo)37.00
Linen, 132" round, shantung ivory34.50
Linen, 132" round, shantung navy (photo)37.00
Linen, 132" round, shantung platinum37.00
Linen, 132" round, shantung red (photo)37.00
Linen, 132" round, shantung silver (photo)37.00
Linen, 132" round, shantung turquoise (photo)37.00
Linen, 132" round, shantung wedgwood (photo)37.00
Linen, 132" round, shantung white (photo)37.00

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