Cooking Equipment

Burner, butane, single tabletop← enter quantity $12.00
Burner, electric induction, single--

needs magnet-affected pot

Burner, electric, single (info)11.00
Burner, propane, single (info)60.00
Burner, propane, triple (info)86.00
Butane Fuel, cartridge4.75
Extension Cord, 10Feet10.00
Extension Cord, 25Feet12.00
Griddle (flat top), propane, Beefeater, 21x38"135.00
Griddle (flat top), propane, Big John, 20x36"135.00
Oven, electric convection, 1.5 ft.³ (info)47.00
Oven, electric convection, 3 shelf (info)60.00
Oven, propane, non-insulated (info)145.00
Range, propane, 6 Burner, with oven & propane tank (info)225.00
Tank, propane (filled), 100 lb.125.00
Tank, propane (filled), 30 lb37.50
Tank, propane (filled), 40 lb.50.00
Tank, propane (filled), 20 lbs.25.00


Barbeque, charcoal, 2' x 5' (info)135.00
Barbeque, charcoal with spit (photo & info)165.00
Barbeque, charcoal, hood, 2' x 5', stainless steel (info)60.00
Barbeque, propane, 22x30"155.00
Barbeque, propane, Coleman, 20x66" (info)260.00

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