Extra charges for glasses used for food


Cup, glass, demitasse, metal handle, 3.4 oz* (photo)← enter quantity $0.60
Cup, glass, demitasse, short, 2.5 oz*0.55
Cup, glass, demitasse, trad., 2.5 oz*0.55
Glass, highball, 10.5 oz.0.45
Glass, highball, 7.25 oz. (photo)0.45
Glass, highball, dlx., 14 oz. (photo)0.50
Glass, old fashioned, dlx., 9 oz. (photo)0.45
Glass, old fashioned, dlx., 14 oz. (photo)0.50
Glass, pilsner, 16 oz.0.65
Glass, punch cup, fleur, 7.5 oz. (photo)0.45
Glass, shot, 1 oz.* (photo)0.40
Glass, shot, 2.5 oz.* (photo)0.65


Glass, Irish coffee mug, 8.7 oz (photo)0.55
Glass, milkshake, 11.5 oz.*0.65
Glass, sherbet, 4.5 oz.* (photo)0.50
Glass, tini martini, 2.5 oz.* (photo & info)0.65


Glass, beer/water, 15 oz. (photo)0.50
Glass, beer/water, fine, 13 oz. (photo)0.55
Glass, brandy snifter, 12.5 oz (photo)0.50
Glass, champ. flute/port, Riedel, 9.5 oz (photo)1.25
Glass, champagne flute, dlx., 5.75 oz. (photo)0.50
Glass, champagne flute, winelovers (photo)0.55
Glass, cocktail/champagne coupe, 9 oz.*0.80
Glass, goblet, water, dlx., 11.5 oz. (photo)0.50
Glass, margarita, 9.5 oz. (photo)0.65
Glass, martini, dlx., 7 oz. (photo)0.65
Glass, sherry/port, dlx., 4 oz. (photo)0.50
Glass, wine, dlx., 8.5 oz. (photo)0.50
Glass, wine, ISO taster, 7.5 oz. (photo)0.50
Glass, wine, Riedel, 12 oz. (photo & info)1.00
Glass, wine, Riedel, cabernet / merlot, 22 oz. (photo & info)1.50
Glass, winelovers, large (photo)0.55
Glass, winelovers, medium (photo)0.55

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