Flossine← enter quantity $27.00


Floating, Flower, Silv Edge2.95
Floating, Rnd. Blue, Pale1.10
Floating, Rnd. Gold1.80
Floating, Rnd. Peach1.10
Floating, Rnd. Red1.10
Refill For Chace Candles, 12" long (info)0.90
Tea Light For Warmers0.20
Votive, white0.45

Confetti and Glitter

Metallic "16" Multi2.95
Metallic Tropical Fish2.95

Misc Resale

Butane Fuel, cartridge4.75
Chafer Fuel (2 h)2.75
Chair Foot Pads0.08
Light string, 15 LED, 56", clear--

Requires 3 - AA batteries, not included

Numbers (1-25)5.00
Numbers (1-50)10.00
Plate, Bamboo 11"1.75
Silver Champagne Flutes/Pair50.00


Doillies, Rd 10"(10)Red1.20
Place Mats (25), 9.5X15"2.00
Ticket Roll, Single, 10004.50
Ticket, Coat Check, (50)5.00


Garbage Bags, Lge.0.50
Tablecover, Kwik cover, 8' x 30", white4.25


Price is per metre.

Ribbon, Burgundy, Arabesque2.00
Ribbon, Cream, Taffeta1.60
Ribbon, Gold, Magic Wand2.35
Ribbon, Gold, Valor2.45
Ribbon, Moss, Arabesque2.00
Ribbon, Moss, Divine1.95
Ribbon, Mw Mural3.25
Ribbon, Red/Green/Gold Stripe2.20
Ribbon, Red/White Stripe1.50
Ribbon, Silver, Magic Wand2.35
Ribbon, White, Arabesque2.00

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Ruched Chair Cover