Table Décor

Mirror, 12" round← enter quantity $3.50
Number Holder, 12" (photo)1.25
Number Holder, low0.25


There is a 0.25 refund per Glass Holder if it is returned without wax residue.

Candelabra, chrome, with 5 crystal spheres, inc. battery candles, 34" (photo)32.00
Candelabra, chrome, with 5 taper holders, inc. candles, 31" (photo)27.00
Candelabra, silver, with 3 taper candle, 14.25"15.00
Candle stick, chrome, with crystal sphere, inc. battery candles8.00
Candle, permanent (info)1.75
Champagne sherbet, 26.5 oz.2.15
Crystal sphere, with battery light, 4"4.75
Tea light, battery0.85
Tea light, battery, submersible1.50
Vase, cylinder , 4" high x 10" diam.6.00
Votive, white0.45
Votiveholder, cube, 2x2"*0.55
Votiveholder, frosted, 4x2"-- Battery candles only, no flame in these. (photo)1.50
Votiveholder, rolypoly* (photo & info)0.55

Candles, Floating

Floating, Flower, Silv Edge2.95
Floating, Rnd. Blue, Pale1.10
Floating, Rnd. Gold1.80
Floating, Rnd. Peach1.10
Floating, Rnd. Red1.10

Napkin Rings

Napkin Ring, iron1.00
Napkin Ring, resin, gold1.00
Napkin Ring, resin, silver1.00
Napkin Wrap, diamond look1.00


Vase, bud, 6" high (photo)0.75
Vase, bud, 9" high (photo)0.90
Vase, cube, 5x5" (photo)3.00
Vase, cube, 3x3"2.00
Vase, cylinder, 26" high x 6" diameter (photo)10.00
Vase, cylinder , 4" high x 10" diam.6.00
Vase, cylinder, 9" high (photo & info)2.75
Vase, Eiffel tower, 20" high (photo)5.00
Vase, Eiffel tower, 24" high (photo)6.00
Vase, lily bowl, 8" diameter (photo)4.50
Vase, mint julep cup, silver, 5" high (photo)3.50
Vase, rectangular, 4x2.5x4" (photo)1.25
Vase, rose bowl, 12"7.50
Vase, rose bowl, 6"2.75
Vase, rose bowl, 8"4.50
Vase, round, 6 1/4" h x 5" d (photo & info)3.00
Vase, swirl, 6.75" high, 3.25" diameter (photo)1.25
Vase, trumpet, 24" tall x 4" opening (photo & info)7.50

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