Bar Equipment

Bar mat← enter quantity $2.00
Bar Tray, 14"2.50
Bar, portable 3' with LED lights, colour changes (photo & info)75.00
Bar, portable 6' (photo)65.00
Chiller, ice, full size (info)7.50
Cocktail Shaker and Strainer3.50
Cocktail Strainer0.75
Ice / Wine Bucket, silver (photo)10.00
Ice / Wine Bucket, stainless steel (photo)6.00
Ice Caddie, insulated, 125 lb. (photo & info)27.50
Ice Chest, insulated (photo & info)7.00
Ice Cubes, 26 lbs.12.00
Ice Cubes, 5 lbs.3.50
Ice Tub, galvanized (photo & info)9.00
Ice Tub, insulated grey plastic (info)9.00
Ice Tub, plastic (photo & info)7.00
Ice Tub, st. st., 3.4 gal (photo & info)11.50
Ice Tub, st. st., 5 gal (photo & info)13.50
Jigger, 2 oz. lined1.25
Scoop, ice, deluxe, st. st.2.00
Scoop, ice, large1.75
Scoop, ice, small, st. st.1.50
Speed Spout0.35
Tongs, ice, silver2.00
Tongs, ice, st. st.0.75
Water Pitcher, glass, heavy, 60 oz.2.75
Water Pitcher, glass, round, 68 oz.2.75
Water Pitcher, plastic, 60 oz. (photo)1.95
Water Pitcher, silver (photo)10.00
Wine Carafe, 0.5 L1.25
Wine Carafe, 1 L (photo)1.75
Wine Clip (info)0.35

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