Punch Bowl / Jars

Each bowl comes with a ladle.


Beverage Jar, acrylic, 3 gallon← enter quantity $12.00
Beverage Jar, glass diamond, 1.75 gallon 18.00
Beverage Jar, glass with black or silver stand, 2.5 gallon 20.50
Punch Bowl, glass, 8 qt.-- with ladle 10.80
Punch Bowl, glass, 10 qt.-- with ladle 13.00


Punch Bowl, silver with insert, 9 qt.-- with ladle 30.00
Punch Bowl, silver with insert, 14 qt.-- with ladle 34.00
Punch Bowl, tall silver, 14 qt 34.00

Stainless Steel

Punch Bowl, hammered stainless , 5 gal.--

with ladle


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