Serving Equipment

Basket, chrome, 8"x8"x4" deep (photo)← enter quantity $3.00
Basket, round, 16"4.50
Basket, round, 18"5.00
Basket, round, two handle, 16"4.50
Bus Bin3.25
Bus Cart, 3 shelf (info)50.00
Cake Stand, gold tone, 3 level (info)8.00
Chiller, ice, full size (info)7.50
Cutting Board, 24x18"8.00
Food Carrier, insulated, bakers tray, light grey (info)38.00
Food Carrier, insulated, double (info)55.00
Food Carrier, insulated, double, small (photo & info)35.00
Food Carrier, insulated, grey single (photo & info)33.00
Food Carrier, insulated, single, small (info)28.00
Food Carrier, insulated, single, wheeled, grey (info)38.00
Plate Cover, tan (photo & info)1.10
Pot, gravy / coffee, st. st (info)3.00
Rack & Roll (info)33.00
Sauce Boat, stainless steel2.50
Soup Thermal, 2.5 gal., grey13.00
Tray, bakers, 18x26"4.25
Tray, Cookie Sheet1.50
Tray, ½ bakers, 18x13"3.00

Beverage Servers

Air Pot, 2.5 L (photo)8.00
Coffee Riser, for 2.5 gal., charcoal3.00
Coffee Server, insulated, 1.2 L, white (photo & info)3.25
Coffee Server, insulated, brushed stainless (info)4.25
Coffee Thermal, 2.5 gal., charcoal14.00
Coffee Thermal, 5 gal., charcoal (info)21.00
Coffee Thermal, deluxe, 5 gal. (photo)23.00
Cold Beverage Thermal, 5 gal.9.00
Cream Server, thermal, 20 oz., white (info)2.75
Tea Server, 2 L, brushed stainless (info)4.00
Tea Thermal, 5 gal23.00
Teapot, assorted patterns5.00
Teapot, crockery, 4 cup, white2.25
Teapot, crockery, 6 cup3.00

Bowls, China

Bowl, 6" (3 cups), white*0.75
Bowl, 6.5" (4 cups), white* (photo)0.75
Bowl, 8" (1.5L), white*3.75
Bowl, 9.5" (3.5L), white*5.00

Bowls, Plastic

Bowl, plastic, pebbled, 15", 10.6L5.25
Bowl, plastic, pebbled, 23", 38.6L7.50
Bowl, plastic, pebbled, 8", 1.6L2.00
Bowl, plastic, pebbled, 12", 5.5L4.00
Bowl, plastic, pebbled, 18", 18.2L6.00

Platters, China

Plate, square, 12x12", white*1.25
Platter, AW, oval, 14x10"*5.00
Platter, oval, 15x7.5" (1.75 deep), white*3.00
Platter, oval, 18x8.5" (2.25" deep), white*4.50
Platter, rect., 14x9", white*3.75
Platter, rect., 18x12", white*6.00
Platter, round, 11", white*1.75
Platter, round, 15", white swirl glass*8.00

Platters, Mirror

Platters, Silver

All silver pieces must be returned washed. Rinsing is not sufficient.

Platter, silver, rectangle, 11.5"X16"8.50
Platter, silver, rectangle, 13"X16.5"9.50
Platter, silver, rectangle, 14x18"11.75
Platter, silver, rectangle, 14x19"11.75
Platter, silver, rectangle, footed, 13x18"11.75
Platter, silver, round, 12"8.10
Platter, silver, round, 14"8.95
Platter, silver, round, 15"9.75
Platter, silver, round, 20" (info)17.00
Platter, silver, round, galley, 15"10.75
Platter, silver, round, grape pattern, 20" (info)17.00

Platters, Stainless Steel

Platter, enamel blue, 20" (photo)6.00
Platter, enamel green, 20" (photo)6.00
Platter, stainless steel oval, 15x22" (photo)5.00
Platter, stainless steel, hammered, oval, 15x20"6.50
Platter, stainless steel, hammered, square, 16x16"6.50
Platter, stainless steel, oval fish tray, 11.75X33.25" (photo)8.50
Platter, stainless steel, round, 15.5" (photo)4.50
Platter, stainless steel, round, 20" (photo)4.75


Basket, silver, round8.50
Bowl, silver, Revere with liner, 10"10.00
Bowl, silver, Revere with liner, 6"7.00
Bowl, silver, Revere with liner, 8"8.50
Cake Plate, silver, 3 level (photo)11.00
Cake Plateau, round, 14"25.00
Cake Plateau, round, 16" (photo)30.00
Cake Plateau, round, 19"35.00
Cake Plateau, round, 22"40.00
Cake Plateau, square, 17x17"30.00
Cake Plateau, square, 14x14"30.00
Coffee Pot, silver8.75
Coffee Service, silver, 4 piece22.00
Ice / Wine Bucket, silver (photo)11.00
Ladle, punch, silver (photo)4.50
Tongs, ice, silver2.00
Water Pitcher, silver (photo)11.00

Trays and Platters, Plastic

Bar Tray, 14"2.50
Oval Waiter's Tray, 22x27"7.50
Platter, oval melamine, 11" x 15.5", white-- no cutting on platter3.00
Waiter's Tray Stand7.50

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