Napkins (Paper)

Napkins, 2Ply, BN

Napkins, BN 2Pl(20)Pink, pale← enter quantity $1.25
Napkins, Bn 2Pl(50)Berry/Burgundy2.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl(50)Black2.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl(50)Blue, caribbean2.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl(50)Blue, robin's egg2.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl(50)Blue, royal2.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl(50)Chocolate2.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl(50)Gold2.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl(50)Green, festive2.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl(50)Green, kiwi2.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl(50)Green, leaf2.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl(50)Grey2.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl(50)Orange2.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl(50)Pink, magenta2.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl(50)Pink, new2.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl(50)Purple, hydrangea2.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl(50)Purple, lilac2.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl(50)Purple, new2.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl(50)Red2.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl(50)Vanilla2.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl(50)White2.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl(50)Yellow, bright2.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl(50)Yellow, soft2.95

Napkins, Misc.

Napkins, Dn 2Pl(50)Green, hunter7.40
Napkins, Dn 2Pl(50)Red7.95
Napkins, Dn 2Pl(50)White7.95
Napkins, Ln 2Pl(50)Black3.95
Napkins, Ln 2Pl(50)Blue, royal3.95
Napkins, Ln 2Pl(50)Red3.95
Napkins, Ln 2Pl(50)White3.95

Napkins, Print

Napkins, BN 2Pl Always & Forever (16)3.95
Napkins, BN 2Pl Bright Birthday (16)3.95
Napkins, BN 2Pl Bright Tulips (16)3.95
Napkins, BN 2Pl Cheers (16)3.95
Napkins, BN 2Pl Chevron Rainbow (16)3.95
Napkins, BN 2Pl Elegant Paisley (16)3.95
Napkins, BN 2Pl Red Poppies (16)3.95
Napkins, BN 2Pl Red Scroll (16)3.95
Napkins, BN 2Pl Safari Chic (16)3.95
Napkins, BN 2Pl Signature Style (16)3.95
Napkins, BN 2Pl Stripe Style (16)3.95
Napkins, BN 2Pl Watercolor Dot (16)3.95
Napkins, BN 3Pl Cherries (20)5.50
Napkins, BN 3Pl Les Olives (20)5.50

Napkins, Seasonal

Napkins, Bn 2Pl (100)Twinkling Tree8.50
Napkins, Bn 2Pl Day of the Dead (36)7.25
Napkins, Bn 2Pl Harvest Still Life (16)3.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl Holiday Cheer (16)3.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl Judaic Traditions (16)3.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl Merry Joy (16)3.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl Oh Snap (16)3.95
Napkins, Bn 2Pl Very Merry (30)4.50
Napkins, Bn 2Pl Xmas Tree2.75

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