Ballroom Cover - Ruched, solid white (photo)← enter quantity $4.50
Chair Band, solid white (photo)1.30
Linen, 20x108", taffeta white10.00
Linen, 52x114", solid white6.50
Linen, 52x52", solid white4.00
Linen, 54x54", shantung white11.50
Linen, 54x54", vine organza white with satin border (photo)22.50
Linen, 60x120", solid white (photo)14.60
Linen, 72x72", chiffon stripe white13.00
Linen, 72x72", crush white13.00
Linen, 72x72", shantung white (info)17.00
Linen, 72x72", solid white (info)4.75
Linen, 72x120", solid white (photo)15.25
Linen, 81x81", chiffon stripe white (photo)17.75
Linen, 81x81", solid white6.50
Linen, 81x81", swirl jacquard white23.00
Linen, 90" round, crush white14.00
Linen, 90" round, solid white (photo)14.00
Linen, 90" round, swirl jacquard white23.00
Linen, 90x132", satin white (photo)24.05
Linen, 90x132", shantung white23.50
Linen, 90x132", solid white (photo)19.55
Linen, 90x132", swirl jacquard white23.50
Linen, 90x132", velvet white (photo)34.00
Linen, 90x156", pintuck white (photo)26.10
Linen, 90x156", satin white (photo)26.70
Linen, 90x156", shantung white26.10
Linen, 90x156", solid white (photo)22.00
Linen, 90x156", swirl jacquard white26.70
Linen, 90x156", velvet white (photo)26.70
Linen, 96" round, satin white (photo)24.00
Linen, 96" round, shantung white24.00
Linen, 96" round, swirl jacquard white24.00
Linen, 100x156", solid white (photo)28.00
Linen, 108" round, solid white (photo)19.10
Linen, 108x108", solid white (photo)19.30
Linen, 120" round, panne velvet white30.00
Linen, 120" round, pintuck white26.00
Linen, 120" round, pinwheel taffeta white21.50
Linen, 120" round, satin white (photo)28.75
Linen, 120" round, shantung white28.75
Linen, 120" round, solid white (photo)21.50
Linen, 120" round, swirl jacquard white27.00
Linen, 120" round, velvet white (photo)32.00
Linen, 12x120", shantung white7.50
Linen, 126" round, crush white27.00
Linen, 126" round, pintuck white (photo)27.00
Linen, 132" round, satin white (photo)34.50
Linen, 132" round, shantung white34.50
Linen, 132" round, solid white (photo)29.25
Linen, 132" round, swirl jacquard white34.50
Linen, 13"x108", pintuck white (photo)5.50
Linen, 18x96", solid white (photo)7.00
Linen, fitted serpentine small, solid white (photo & info)19.70
Linen, napkin, 18x18", damask white classic band (photo)1.65
Linen, napkin, 18x18", hemstitched white1.65
Linen, napkin, 18x18", hemstitched white linen2.10
Linen, napkin, 18x18", satin white/white (photo)1.95
Linen, napkin, 18x18", solid white0.60
Linen, napkin, 18x18", swirl jacquard white1.65
Linen, tablepad, elasticised, for 60", solid white14.05
Linen, tablepad, elasticised, for 72", solid white (info)16.15
Linen, towel, hot, 9x9", solid white0.70
Skirting, 8', solid white16.80
Skirting, 13', solid white27.30
Table Cover, spandex, solid white (photo & info)15.00

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