There is a 0.25 refund per Glass Holder if it is returned without wax residue.

corresponding thumbnailCandelabra, chrome, with 5 crystal spheres, inc. battery candles, 34"
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corresponding thumbnailCandelabra, chrome, with 5 taper holders, inc. candles, 31" 33.00
Candelabra, silver, with 3 taper candles, 14.25" 18.50
corresponding thumbnailCandle stick, chrome, with crystal sphere, inc. battery candles 10.00
corresponding thumbnailCandle, permanent— Make sure both types of adapters are included with candle 2.15
corresponding thumbnailCrystal sphere, with battery light, 4" 5.90
corresponding thumbnailTea light, battery 1.05
corresponding thumbnailTea light, battery, submersible 1.85
Vase, low cylinder, 4" high x 10" diam. 7.50
corresponding thumbnailVotive, white 0.55
corresponding thumbnailVotiveholder, cube, 2x2"* 0.67
corresponding thumbnailVotiveholder, frosted, 4x2"— Battery candles only, no flame in these. 1.85
corresponding thumbnailVotiveholder, rolypoly* 0.67

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