China (No Pattern)

Bowl, 6" (3 cups), white*← enter quantity $0.75
Bowl, 6.5" (4 cups), white* (photo)0.75
Bowl, 8" (1.5L), white*3.75
Bowl, 9.5" (3.5L), white*5.00
Bowl, gourmet, 11.5"x1.5" deep*0.85
Bowl, pasta, 11", white* (info)0.82
Cake Plate, Patra, 3 level, white10.00
Cream & Sugar, white (photo)3.40
Creamer, 6 oz, white1.00
Creamer, Patra, 10 oz., white2.20
Cup, square, no handle, 2 oz, white (info)0.35
Cutlery, Chinese spoon, white* (photo)0.30
Mug, 8.5 oz., white0.45
Plate, 4x10", white*0.80
Plate, 5x14", white* (photo)1.25
Plate, square, 5x5", white*0.55
Plate, square, 10x10", white*0.80
Plate, square, 12x12", white*1.25
Plate, square, mini, 2.5x2.5", white* (photo & info)0.35
Plate, square, narrow rim, 7x7", white*0.65
Plate, square, wide rim, 7x7", white* (photo & info)0.65
Platter, oval, 15x7.5" (1.75 deep), white*3.00
Platter, oval, 18x8.5" (2.25" deep), white*4.50
Platter, rect., 14x9", white*3.75
Platter, rect., 18x12", white*6.00
Platter, round, 11", white*1.75
Platter, round, 15", white swirl glass*8.00
Ramekin, 4 oz., white* (photo)0.35
Ramekin, 7 oz., white*0.40
Ramekin, mini, 1.75 oz., white* (photo & info)0.30
Salt & Pepper, white (photo)3.15
Sugar Bowl, Patra, white2.20
Teapot, crockery, 4 cup, white2.25
Teapot, crockery, 6 cup3.00

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