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For the convenience of our customers, we provide a list of some of the local caterers and other suppliers.


Castro Boateng Castro Boateng 
web:  www.castroboateng.com
Ph:  250-588-9398 
de'lish De'lish 
web:  www.delishcateringoakbay.ca
Ph:  250-598-5614 
677 St. Patrick Street 
Victoria B.C.  V8S 4X4
Good for You Gourmet Good for You Gourmet 
web:  gfyg.ca
Ph:  250-514-1544 
Kitchens of Distinction Kitchens of Distinction 
web:  www.kitchensofdistinction.ca
Ph:  250-858-7777 
London Chef The London Chef 
web:  www.thelondonchef.com
Ph:  250-590-1865 
953 Fort St. 
Victoria B.C.  V8V 3K3

Other Services

Craidelonna Cradelonna Oceanedge Lodging 
web:  craidelonna.com
Ph:  250-646-2242 
9143 West Coast Rd. 
Shirley B.C.  V9Z 1G3
Foxgloves Flowers Foxgloves Flowers 
Ph:  250-386-4741 
web: foxglovesflowers.com
2825 Heath Drive 
Victoria, B.C.  V8W 1M2
Horticulture Centre of the Pacific Horticulture Centre of the Pacific 
Ph:  250-479-6162 
web: www.hcp.ca
505 Quayle Rd., 
Saanich, B.C.  V9E 2J7
Jennings Florists Jennings Florists 
web:  www.jenningsflorists.com
Ph:  250-477-9538 
2508 Estevan Ave 
Victoria B.C.  V9R 2S2
Kenmar Flower Farm Kenmar Flower Farm 
web:  www.kenmarflowerfarm.com
Ph:  250-477-9538 
1490 West Burnside Rd. 
Victoria B.C.  V9E 2E2
Titanium Tents Titanium Tents and Events 
Ph:  250-652-2470 
web: titaniumtents.com