Pedersen's Rentals: Discontinued Items

At Pedersen's Rentals we are constantly working to ensure that our stock keeps up with current trends and reflects the best of what is currently available on the market. This means we often want to sell off some of our rental stock. The prices on this page are for sale, are in Canadian dollars, and do not include any delivery or shipping. Often there will be room for negotiation, especially for purchasing all of an item or pattern. Note that the pictures do not share a common scale.

Plate Cover, Tan

Plate Cover, Tan

$3 each

Plate Cover, Tan

Octavia Vase, 12" high

$10 each


Champagne Sherbet, 46oz.

$5 each

15 in inventory (at last count)


Crystal Goblet, 11oz.

$3 each

183 in inventory (at last count)

Candle Chimney, 9" tall

$10 for all 11

11 in inventory (at last count)

Skirting, Visa Cloth, Pink

13' for $39 or 8' for $24 each

1 of 13' and 4 of 8' in inventory (at last count)